Tickets start at $62 + fees

Epic Magic, the exclusive show at the Andaz Scottsdale Resort and Spa, offers a one-of-a-kind magical journey. This spectacular show blends world-class illusions with extraordinary talent, creating an evening of wonder and astonishment. Whether you are a magic enthusiast or simply looking for a unique night out, Epic Magic promises to deliver a show experience like no other.

Eric Giliam, a renowned professional magician based in Phoenix, Arizona, is celebrated for his exceptional sleight of hand and mesmerizing performances. With a career spanning 17 years in magic performances, Eric has mastered the art of engaging and connecting with his audience on a profound level. As one of the last generations of magicians with expert dexterity, his skill in sleight of hand is unmatched, making each performance a truly unforgettable experience.


See the Desert in a Different Light.

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What is the show like?

Epic Magic at The Andaz offers a captivating theatrical magic experience, blending breathtaking illusions, masterful sleight of hand, and unforgettable moments of wonder for every guest.

With seating limited to just 60 guests per performance, the show is designed to be interactive and intimate, ensuring every attendee feels a personal connection to the magic unfolding before their eyes.

The performance reveals to the audience that not everything seen can be explained!

How long is the show?

The performance is approximately an hour and 15 minutes.

What are the ticket prices?

General Seating is $62 and Premium Seating, priced at $82, reserves you a spot in the front row, closest to the magic.

May we order dinner or drinks?

Yes! Cocktails and beverages are available from the Weft & Warp Restaurant. A portable bar is also set up in the showroom before the show. Guests are welcome to make dinner reservations at the Weft & Warp Restaurant before or after the show. Come at least 1.5 hours before your scheduled showtime if you plan to dine.

Dress Code?

There is no specific dress code, however this show is at an upscale resort; dressy or business casual attire is suggested.

How does seating work?

Seating is assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis, in the order of check-in. The front row is reserved for premier seating. Our showroom is accessible to individuals with disabilities.

Can tickets be refunded if our plans change?

Tickets are non refundable. You can give your tickets to someone else, but when they check-in they will need to give the name of the person who originally purchased the tickets.

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